APF. KAFE建築雙城雙年展 2017 期間限定店/快閃店

廣州的 APF. KAFE 咖啡店,著名於使用來自世界各地優質材料,如澳洲咖啡豆及日本抹茶。另一邊,UABB 深港雙城展 今年的主題是城市共生,其中城中村最近又是個莫大又複雜的議題。這次 Pop-up 店的視覺設計,我們從主題中提取出廣東舊式綠白型街磚,融合高密集樓宇的一屋一格樣式。最終採用立體方格式的元素來將 APF.KAFE 和 UABB 二者融為一體。
Pop-up Store of APF. KAFE in UABB 2017 

This is the redesigned visual system for APF.KAFE's pop-up store to participate in BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISMARCHITECTURE. In order to better integrate into the theme of the exhibition "Urban symbiosis", we decided to use "three-dimensional Grid" elements involved in this system update. Which can not only retain the basic shapes but also combine visual effects to display "Mosaic" – a mosaic art with small stones, shell, ceramic tile, glass and other colour inserts as its material. The distinctive packed is in line with the special extremely high-density populated environment of the exhibition place – “Urban village” in Nantou, Shenzhen. The independent lattice has some similarities with the inclusiveness what the narrow and limited "Urban village" displayed. At the meantime, it is also in line with the concept of a lifestyle and a kind of social Pattern which APF.KAFE aims to build up. A whole and independent system, a diverse and individual "Urban village", this redesign is a complete integration of the conservation and development program of public space reconstruction and boundary remodelling.

Add: A4, Wanli Industrial Zone, Nanshan, Shenzhen
址:深圳 南山 南頭古城 萬力工業區 A4

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