Australia-China Commercial & Technologies Development Group | 澳中商業科技發展協會
Branding Design 2016 | 品牌形象設計 2016
China, Australia, & Hong Kong | 中國,澳大利亞,及 香港

The Australia-China Commercial & Technologies Development Group connects two big countries in the Asia-Pacific area. In its branding design, inspiring by the two countries' great nature of mountains, obtained the logo shape with two sides of a mountain in two colours.The yellow stands for China from Asia, and the bright green stands for Australia from Oceania, building a great future with a climbing gesture.

澳中商業科技發展協會 連接著亞太地區的兩個大國。它的視覺設計靈感來源於大自然的山,亦是兩國的共同點。不僅是奧林匹克運動會,世界也認同黃色暗示著亞洲,綠色亦代表澳洲,視覺設計暗示通過兩地的共同努力攀登,終登上巔峰。

Location: Sydney, NSW / NSW / Melbourne, VIC, Australia. & Canton(Guangzhou) / Guangdong / Guangxi, China. & Hong Kong.
址:中國,廣州/廣東省/廣西省 與 澳洲,悉尼/新南威爾士/墨爾本 及 香港。

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