B-POP! Balloon Party Consultant | B-POP! 氣球派對專家
Branding Design 2018 | 品牌形象設計 2018
Melbourne, Australia | 澳大利亞,墨爾本

B-POP! Balloon Party Consultant is a company of designing parties with balloons. In terms of balloons, the brand tend to uses white and gold as the main colours with Saturn logo, the lace represents decoration of luxury. The name card design uses round shape with golden printed decorates.

B-POP! 氣球派對專家 是一個專門做氣球派對的公司。因為重點是在氣球,品牌表示使用了白底金字以及土星的標識,以襯托出品牌的高端定位。圓形的名片代表了公司貫徹氣球的宗旨。

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