2014 Ngon Tong Colour Collection Exhibition
2015 TEDx Antong Speech
2016 Exhibition in ‘Mega Uni City’ in Canton
2018 Exhibition of Ngon Tong Colour Collection
2018 Gold Indigo Design Awards @ Tokyo
2019 Interview of our project Sha-Tin Buddies by Scoop, TVB ︎
2022 iddccooffee Opening in Canton
2022 iDDC Office Opening in Melbourne
2023 Coworking with Reve Design on FABRIC LAB, achieved SLIVER on Better Future Design Award.

2014 安堂色彩集 展覽
2015 TEDx Antong 演講 
2016 廣州大學城 展覽
2018 安堂色彩集 展覽
2018 金獎 Indigo Design Awards 在 東京
2019 項目 沙田友 冰室 受 翡翠台 東張西望 訪問 ︎
2022 廣州 iddccooffee 開業
2022 墨爾本 iDDC. 辦公室 開業
2023 與 Reve Design 合作,取得 Better Future 設計獎 銀獎

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