GALOK Pan-Asian Bar & Restaurant | GALOK · 泛亞洲 酒吧 與 餐廳
Branding Design 2022 | 品牌形象設計 2022
Windsor, Melbourne | 墨爾本,溫莎

GALOK 餐廳,酒吧 與 蒸餾所,位於墨爾本的溫莎區,是一個同時擁有維多利亞式連排建築與現代高尚中高密度住宅,並以大量優質時尚,家具,文化,復古商店以及特色酒吧夜店著名的區域。

品牌主視覺以水泥,霓虹紅帶出。另外,用 Futra 字體帶出幹練的風格,字體中專門修 正的尖角令字更有性格,搭配霓虹燈填滿的 字更令其在繁忙的街道鶴立雞群。

在副視覺方面,貫徹紅灰之餘,品牌下的餐 廳,酒吧 與 蒸餾所 三個主要的範疇亦能完 美融合。從店外延伸到店內,「紅」即代表 了品牌,從菜單,到每一個細小的指示牌。 即使不需要標明標誌,只需要一個小紅點, 顧客即心領神會,同時亦在顧客內心留下難 以忘記的印象。

Introducing GALOK - an exceptional restaurant, bar, and distillery situated in the vibrant district of Windsor, renowned for its remarkable collection of vintage shops and bars.

The brand's primary visual identity is defined by a striking combination of industrial concrete grey and electrifying neon red. Complementing this bold palette, the Futura typeface is employed with meticulously refined sharp corners, lending distinctive character to the letterforms. Illuminated by neon lights, GALOK's signage captivates attention amidst the bustling streetscape.

As for the secondary visual elements, the harmonious integration of red and gray effortlessly unifies the brand's three core offerings: restaurant, bar, and distillery. This visual coherence extends from the exterior to the interior, with the color "red" symbolizing the essence of the brand, permeating every aspect from the menu to the most subtle signage. Even without the presence of a logo, a mere glimpse of a small red object will enable customers to instantly recognize and associate it with GALOK, leaving an indelible impression etched in their memory.

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Neon Signs design & import | 霓虹燈設計與進口

Partly Food Presentations & Photography | 部分擺盤設計 與 菜品攝影
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