IKKAI|Donburi, Sukiyaki, Izakaya
一階 | 丼, すき焼き, 居酒屋
Branding Design & Shop Design 2023 | 品牌形象設計 與 店舖設計  2023
Hardware Ln, Melbourne CBD | 墨爾本,中心商業區

IKKAI Japanese Restaurant boasts a modern and sleek branding design, incorporating elements of Japanese culture and cuisine. The color scheme of yellow and black is both eye-catching and reflective of the warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant. The use of calligraphy in the logo and menu design adds a touch of tradition, highlighting the authenticity of the dishes offered, such as donburi and sukiyaki. As an Izakaya-style restaurant, IKKAI offers a unique dining experience in Melbourne, with a focus on shareable plates and a lively atmosphere. The branding effectively captures the essence of Japanese culture, making IKKAI a standout dining destination in the city.

IKKAI Japanese Restaurant 擁有現代時尚的品牌設計,融合了日本文化和美食元素。 黃色和黑色的配色方案既醒目又反映了餐廳溫馨宜人的氛圍。 在徽標和菜單設計中使用書法增添了一絲傳統氣息,突出了所提供菜餚的真實性,例如蓋飯和壽喜燒。 作為一家居酒屋風格的餐廳,IKKAI 在墨爾本提供獨特的用餐體驗,專注於可分享的菜餚和熱鬧的氛圍。 該品牌有效地捕捉了日本文化的精髓,使 IKKAI 成為該市傑出的餐飲場所。

Co-operated with Reve Design in Melbourne.

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