Koala Sneaker Laundry
Branding Design, Online Store Design, Package Design 2024 | 品牌形象設計, 網上商店設計, 包裝設計 2024
Melbourne Based

Drop-off & Pick-up, the key feature of “KSL”, Brand Recognition becomes important. Pink + Green with Bold Texts and Logo would definely stands out.

Slogon “GIVE YOUR SHOES A NEW START” is more like a shout-out for sustainable trend these years.

All designs are going with a waste-free strategy, we bring most of the paper works online with shopify’s flexible check out system. And all of our material such as shoe bags and advertisings are resusable/sustainable.

At Koala Sneaker Laundry, we believe that EVERYONE should be able to take a step into the world wearing FRESH KICKS. That's why we are partnering with "untitled foundation" to provide our cleaning services for the disenfranchised. Even the most run down sneakers will become FRESH again with our magic touch. #shopifydesign

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