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All Designs 2023 | 全部設計 2023
574 Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne | 墨爾本,南亞拉

LABO Cafe | LABO Cafe 
Branding Design 2021 | 品牌形象設計 2021
ShenZhen | 深圳

LABO Cafe's branding design project showcases a unique Sydney-style coffee shop in Shenzhen's creative district, reflecting Australia's rich natural resources. The logo, inspired by tree rings, represents sustainable development and the warmth of the southern hemisphere. Focusing on graphic design elements, the visual identity highlights LABO Cafe's commitment to providing exceptional coffee, embracing eco-friendly practices, and setting high standards for future trends in Shenzhen's thriving café scene.

LABO Cafe 是一個悉尼風格的咖啡店,座落於 深圳文創區。致力於為大眾帶來南半球的溫度。Cafe 的 logo 是源自於樹木的年輪,因 為澳洲悉尼的豐富自然資源。為了展示 LABO Cafe 不僅想為深圳的顧客帶來南半球美好獨 特的咖啡,更以澳洲高水平的可持續發展式的 概念作為標準,將此未來的大趨勢發揚。

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