Lazy Maisons
Branding Design, Online Shop Design 2023 | 品牌設計 線上商店設計 2023
Melbourne, VIC | 澳洲,墨爾本

To develop a brand design for Lazy Maisons, a standing table brand in Australia that is crafting a premium market presence, we'd focus on visual elements that embody modernity and elegance. The color palette of grey and yellow will be pivotal in this portrayal—grey symbolizing the sleek, professional aspect of the brand, and yellow adding a touch of energy and innovation.

For the logo, we'd choose an elegant font with varied letter heights to subtly hint at the adjustability and ease of the standing tables, which cater to the needs of office professionals. This typographic play will serve as a visual metaphor for the brand's core promise: effortless comfort and adaptability in the workplace.


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