Replax Batteries
Branding 2023 | 品牌設計 2023
Melbourne, VIC | 澳洲,墨爾本

The branding for "Replax Batteries" represents a fusion of tactile sophistication and contemporary sharpness, mirroring the innovative spirit of the brand in 2023. Situated in Melbourne, VIC, the design is a tapestry of textures and stark contrasts, showcasing the product's dynamism and dependability.

It features an embossed black cotton paper that speaks to the brand's commitment to quality and a laser metallic paper that reflects its cutting-edge technology. These elements are harmoniously integrated with a bold, clear typeface spelling "REPLAX," which stands out in the design, ensuring brand recognition and strong identity. This brand design encapsulates the company's blend of tradition and modernity, aiming to connect with a modern audience while upholding global excellence standards.


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