Branding Design 2023 | 品牌形象設計 2023
Canton | 廣州

UNSTOP COFFEE,是一個已創立數年的咖啡品牌,永不停步是其品牌的核心。對應較年輕以及更廣泛的客戶群體,這次的 LOGO 設計使用了較圓的字體變形,通過可讀性,字母間距,畫面平衡,整體重心的調整,進化成最後的品牌logo。組成的三角形形狀,暗喻不斷向前的箭頭,同時賦予品牌活潑形象,拉近品牌與顧客的距離感。   

在顏色上,自然地選擇了較為明快的明黃色偏橙搭配其對應互補色系中的灰色。在細節圖案上,運用各種小遊戲如 hopscotch(跳格仔),西洋棋,令顧客通過聯想簡單的小遊戲,可以在享受咖啡的期間抽離忙碌的現實,享受咖啡本身的快樂。

Unstop Coffee is an established coffee brand with a core philosophy of constant progression. Catering to a younger and broader customer base, the logo design incorporates a rounded font transformation, meticulously adjusted for readability, letter spacing, visual balance, and overall focus, resulting in a refined brand logo. The triangular shape symbolizes a forward-moving arrow, infusing the brand with a lively image and fostering a closer connection with customers.

In terms of color, a vibrant yellow-orange hue is naturally chosen, paired with complementary shades of gray. The intricate patterns incorporate various mini-games such as hopscotch and chess, allowing customers to associate these simple pastimes with the brand. This encourages patrons to momentarily escape the busyness of everyday life and fully immerse themselves in the joy of their coffee experience.

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