Commercial Associations

Vot. Commercial Associations
Branding Design 2020
200 Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia

VOT,與其是 V,O,與 T 三 個品牌主導的聯合商會,倒不如以此為契機,為未來更多可行性作鋪墊,成為一個更大的澳洲華人主導的商業百貨品牌。

因此這次設計加上了一個小句號,令消費者可以直接發音『 Vot.』 ,從廣告心理學角度, 無論從發音或畫面,都更容易令消費者記住。把原本正體 『Regular』 的一 般字型,改為了經過細微調教 的 『Italic』 斜體。 此舉令視 覺上更有起伏感, 『ot』 的 小寫亦令整個畫面更生動。

The Vot. Commercial Associations branding project is a dynamic fusion of graphic design elements that aims to create a strong visual identity for this Australian-Chinese business conglomerate. By incorporating the unique use of typography, including an Italic font and lowercase "ot," the design achieves a sense of movement and vitality. The addition of a small period after "Vot" facilitates pronunciation, making it more memorable from both auditory and visual perspectives. This innovative branding approach lays the foundation for future expansion as a leading Australian-Chinese retail brand.

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