2018 Jan Heung Yuen BeiWei Zansyu Study
Since 2014 Ngon Tong Colour Collection  
2016 TOKU GANSO IZAKAYA Anniversary

Ngon Tong Colour Collection is an experimental project that giving a ‘visual branding’ to the village called Ngon Tong(安堂). 


Fig.1 2014 Google Earth


Branding idea since 2014

Branding idea since 2014

Branding idea since 2014

Our 18 people group took more than 300 photos.

Ngon Tong Colour Collection
has lighted up the village, this time we come back with an exhibition. By illustrating our enthusiasm for this village, people could know more about us and this village.

Ngon Tong, Zhuhai | 珠海,安堂

Updated (15 June 2018 ):


Ngon Tong Color Collection has been a combination of many art workers from various fields since 2015. We have been absorbing the design experience from various countries.  The technics will be applied back on the Ngon Tong village.

Invited by TEDx Antong 2015.
2015 受 TEDx talk (xAntong) 邀請演講。
2018 The Exhibition in the Upcafe, Ngon Tong.

2018 The Exhibition in the Upcafe, Ngon Tong.

2018 The Exhibition in the Upcafe, Ngon Tong.

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安堂色彩集專頁 | NTCC Page ︎

Beiwei Zansyu, shapes the city view of Hong Kong.

北魏真書, 塑造了香港街景。

Jen Heung Yuen is a traditional brand with the typical BeiWei ZanSyu.


Translating the calligraphy to a modern style


The Detail


The Detail 2 針對細節修改

The Detail 3 初步效果

Final 最後調整

2016 TOKU GANSO IZAKAYA Anniversary
Our important client TOKU GANSO IZAKAYA has invited us on their 1st anniversary.

Referencing from “Old Book Shop/舊書店” in Yuet Sau, Canton. A rare book illustrated the real tradition of typography.

The style of ‘high density but well-ordered,’ is not only graphically looks good but illustrated the ancient intelligence.

Moreover, the tradition was lost very fast particular in this fast developing country, meaning that the tradition became valuable as a treasure.

靈感來源於廣州越秀的“舊書店”中的一本頗有歷史的原版古籍。 書中使用了特定時代的舊式排印方式。



2017 Mr. Point Dim Sum Leaflet

點心,翻譯成 DIM SUM 是固有常識,但西方人未免會問到究竟 DIM SUM 是什麼意思。
The touch of your heart,是我認為最好的答案。美妙精緻的燒賣或蝦餃,觸動著食客的心靈。


Mr. Point Dim Sum ︎

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